la corte di Woodly presents: the spring workshops

From 17 may to14 june 2014

17 maggio: "Just Iris"

Iris For lovers of this amazing flower that gives us one spectacular spring bloom, an event not to be missed. Two biologists, Angelo and John, botanists and gardeners with a great passion for this species, will reveal all the details, techniques and secrets to have all the years a greater bloom.

24 maggio: "Looking for Herbs":

Lets enjoy a respite from the hustle and bustle and stress, a walk in the meadows of Faviano is good for your health and soul. With Elena, forest naturalist, for years moved to Casarola Monchio of Corti (PR) to "cultivate" his true passion, live in nature and of nature. You will learn to recognize, collect, process, store, and finally to cook wild fruits and herbs Parma Apennines. The collection of wild plants, exerts upon us a certain charm: the appearance psychologically satisfying to collect something useful and there can become useful, and last, but not least important, the collection, and a fun activity outdoors, a nice relaxing pastime. .

14 giugno: "Aromatic herbs and flowers ... what a passion!"

Aromatic herbs and flowers ... what a passion! : Workshop dedicated to unusual Aromatic herbs and edible flowers. Melissa, Silene Savory, Calendula flowers (orange, beautiful, chubby), Borage (star-shaped purple, sweet and beautiful), California Poppy (poppy yellow slightly bitter but very very nice).
Perhaps the Cornflower, and the sparkles! Even jasmine ... these and others will be our attractive proposals with which to create new recipes and wonderful culinary experiences.